The Engadine is a valley in the Swiss canton of Grisons. It is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe and more convenient than 80 km long . The Engadine forms the upper section of the valley of the River Inn and is divided into the Upper and the Lower Engadine . The two sections of the mountain valley are separated by the Punt Ota in Brail .

Engadin im Winter – im Engadin Langlaufen für Anfänger und Profis

The Upper Engadine is a flat , 1600-1800 m high valley dominated by lakes ( Engadine lakes : Lake Sils , Silvaplana , Lej da Champfèr and St. Moritz ) , from pine and larch forests , as well , especially in the side valleys , glaciers . Due to the high altitude has bottomed high Montanes to subalpine climate and is one of the winterkältesten landscapes of the Alps . The meadows in the valley are surrounded by only moderately steep mountain slopes , towering over the usually more rugged snow-capped peaks . Are coniferous forests and alpine meadows extend over to the shady slopes in the south ; the horizontal boundary line is clearly visible. The Upper Engadine is connected through the Bernina Pass to the Puschlav and by the Maloja Pass to the Bergell ; connect it to the north of the Julier Pass to the Oberhalbstein and the Albula Pass to the Albula valley . The northeastern part of the Upper Engadine towards Lower Engadine called La Plaiv .

Engadin bietet Steinbock, Adler und Murmeli.

Story of the Engadin

The Upper Engadine had his own count . Count Dedalrich sold in 1139 his country to the bishopric of Chur , from which in 1494 the Upper Engadine free bought . In the Lower Engadine often crisscross rule and Lehnrechte the owner led to long feuds . In the Bündner turmoil the Engadin was devastated by the Austrians in 1622 and assigned to the same, but returned to Grisons already in the following year . The last Austrian possession was Tarasp , who came to Grisons 1815th

Ihre Ferienwohnung im Engadin lässt Sie Energie tanken für das ganze Jahr.

The only winter secure connections to the north are the rail tunnel of the Rhaetian Railway . Was it on the existing for over 100 years Albula Railway in winter daily basis cause interruptions which opened in 1999 Vereina tunnel is safe for winter Prättigau . The existing road crossings of Flüela and Albula Pass are closed during the winter months ; the Julier Pass can be ensured throughout the year except in snowy winters .

Ferienwohnung Sils