Get out into nature, into the freshness. Has always been and is the Engadine is a paradise for hiking, climbing, horseback riding and fishing, since the invention of the appropriate kit and, thanks to the perfect conditions, for sailing, surfing, golfing and mountain biking. And even friends of trend sports like Nordic walking, kite surfing and inline skating are not forgotten.

Summer in the Engadin

In the Upper Engadin you need only to stretch out the hand of Heaven is close enough to touch, the lake plateau glitters in the afternoon light, the pine forests smell of fresh resin and in the villages stretch the Engadine houses their distinctive facades towards the sun and can not get enough of her. It’s almost kitschy beautiful up here.

So go out into nature: on foot through wild valleys, with in-line skates along the River Inn, on horseback across the plains and mountain biking on the trails. Bikers and hikers also encounter each other in the lift. Summer in the Engadin offers outstanding quality for every budget, even in scintillating St. Moritz, which makes news again with high-caliber cultural and sporting events on its own.

Engadin St. Moritz is like music for the eyes. And the pleasure already begins on the journey with the Rhaetian Railway – oozes so much nostalgia and charm that it has been included in UNESCO. One can hardly get enough of gazing at this spectacular landscape with the picturesque mountain panorama, has the clear lakes and the magical light that legions of poets and painters inspired. And it still does.

Summer in the Engadin,

Ferienwohnung Sils